A Big Thank You to Stewarts Law!

Football Action wishes to say a big thank you to Stewarts Law Foundation (the charitable arm of Stewarts Law LLP) which made a very generous donation to Football Action.

This money has been earmarked by Football Action to help set up and develop a project in Nakuru, Kenya which Football Action hope to announce shortly. The project is working with a large number of children who live and work on a rubbish dump in Nakuru. Football Action aims to not only provide them with kit and equipment to play football but also to provide a regular coach who will take football sessions everyday giving the children at least one regular and positive thing to look forward to each day.

The ultimate aim is to be able to use the project to get more of the children away from vices such as petrol sniffing which are ever-present on the rubbish dump and to get more of them back into education and a future away from the rubbish dump.

So on behalf of those children and all the children we work with Football Action would like to say a huge thank you to the Stewarts Law Foundation.

Stewarts Law LLP (www.stewartslaw.com) are now our very favourite solicitors!

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