Honduras Project Fundraiser – Yorkshire 3 Peaks


Preperations for the Leeds RAG Honduras Project are well underway and last Saturday 18 students from the university took to the Yorkshire dales to raise money for the trip. Overall the volunteers are hoping to raise £10,000 for Football Action which will be used to renovate a football pitch in the capital of Honduras,pay for a full-time football coach and supply kits and equiptment to be used by a local centre for street children, run by the Honduran NGO Casa ALianza.

The weather was certainly not on our side, come Saturday morning, as we set off to climb Pen-y-Ghent, the first of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. In total we had 12 hours to complete the challenge, which involves walking over 24 miles and climbing around 5,000 feet! Beginning the long climb to the summit, we received an onsalught of galeforce winds, rain, snow and hail – conditions described as ‘evil’ by one Yorkshireman who we met on the mountain. Nevertheless, the group admirably battled on through the elements and reached the top in a speedy 1 hour and 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the weather was so atrocious that we could not follow the route of the challenge but instead had to descend the peak the same way we had come.


After a quick round of hot drinks and a change of socks in the local cafe, we came to the realisation that waterproof jackets were not really that waterproof after all, as the majority of us were soaked to the skin! However, we decided that the walk must go on, (via a different route) and so we set off for Ingleborough, the tallest and most challenging of the three peaks. Luckily the sun came out providing some beautiful views over the dales and allowed the group to dry off a little. The walk to the summit of Ingleborough was long and muddy but we eventually reached the top, where yet again the weather took a turn for the worse. Luckily no rain this time, but fierce winds sparked worries that the smaller members of the group may be blown off the mountain if we didn’t get off it soon. With the village of Ribblehead in sight, we decended the peak, with spirits high after the mention of stopping by the local pub.

The group made the wise decision to call it a day once we had completed Ingleborough, as the chance of us completing the final peak in daylight was looking slim. Had the weather not been so atrocious, I have no doubt that the group would have completed the challenge, but the weather just wasn’t on our side. Nevertheless, completing the 2 Peaks and walking around 14 miles was a feat in itself and hats off to everyone who managed it!


We are still receiving sponsorship for the walk. If you would like to donate, please visit our justgiving page:


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