Making a real difference to street children of Honduras

For over two years Football Action has been helping children in Honduras get back into education through football.

Since June 2013, when we first started our work in Honduras, we have fixed football pitches, provided football kits, and even funded a university degree – all thanks to our amazing fundraisers.

A lot of this hard work has been done by supporting local charities on the ground in Honduras.Kids football match in Honduras

One such charity is Casa Alianza, which helps street children get off drugs, alcohol and glue, and back into education. This is incredibly difficult, but invaluable work.

To support Casa Alianza we have paid for their football pitch to be redeveloped and maintained, and the training of three football coaches. Football is now used as part of their rehabilitation programme to improve the children’s confidence, self-esteem and social skills. And for those children who have been addicted to substances it can help restore their motor-neurone skills.

While working with Casa Alianza the Football Action trustees were given the opportunity to fund a fantastic girl through university. Stefanie, whose name has been changed for protection reasons, had an horrific childhood – being sexually abused and trying to commit suicide.  However, she turned her life around, returned to school and became a true role model for all the girls around her. Stefanie wanted to study psychology at university to, in her own words, “help other children who have experienced what I have experienced.”

The trustees jumped at the chance to support this inspirational girl. They have paid for her university education, as well as buying her a laptop and books.

Sally Robinson, Trustee, said: “Stefanie is now doing fantastically well. Recently she has even managed to get a part-time job, so she can move out of sheltered accommodation and into her own apartment. This is a huge achievement and we are all delighted for her.”

Stefanie often writes to the trustees telling them about her progress. In one of her recent letters she wrote: “I want to share with you my joy, to tell you that it is all going well in university. I have passed all my classes. I have met and shared extraordinary experiences with different people which have helped me in my studies and in my life.

I have no words to thank you for your help…I will never forget you because you have been a light at the end of the road. I never imagined a help like this and it has been a dream come true.”

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