In Honduras, we’re helping give street children a brighter future through access to football and education.

With the second highest homicide rate in the world, extreme poverty and chronic unemployment, Honduras is becoming an increasingly lawless place. In a country ruled by violent gangs, children live in fear of their lives.

Since 2012 Football Action has been working with Casa Alianza, an international NGO dedicated to protecting children in Latin America, to give street children in the capital Tegucigalpa better prospects.

We’ve funded the renovation of a derelict football pitch at Casa’s Rafael project and trained two coaches to deliver regular football sessions to 200 children. The project works to improve the health and well-being of 200 street children, many of who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions. The lack of food on the streets is so dire that most street children in Tegucigalpa sniff glue to take away the feeling of being hungry.

The football sessions also give the children a break from their incredibly difficult lives. One of the coaches said: ‘It’s great to see them (the children) laughing in a good-natured way – it has given them back their childhood.’

In addition to our football project, we’re also teaming up with Casa Alianza to support former street children into higher education. Our educational bursary gives individuals who’ve showed exceptional strength to overcome obstacles in their life the chance to study at university.

The first recipient of our bursary is Stefanie. Stefanie’s story is both shocking and inspirational. As a child she faced years of violent physical and sexual abuse, and after leaving home at 14 she attempted to commit suicide. Eventually she found Casa Alianza who guided her through a rehabilitation programme and helped her on the path to recovery.

Thanks to the hard work of Casa Alianza and Stefanie’s sheer determination, and with the help of Football Action, she is now studying to become a psychologist. Our bursary covers all of Stefanie’s tuition, living costs and expenses. To date, she’s passed all of her exams and has secured a part-time job. She says: “I look forward to it (studying) and day after day I wake up with the necessary determination to carry out my dreams to graduate. To have a stable job helping people is my biggest desire.”

We need your support to help more street children on the path to recovery. Donate today.