Reflections on Honduras 2012: Part 1

To mark the one-year anniversary of the Honduras Project, group leader and volunteer Ian Marris reflects on his experiences working for Football Action last summer.

Football Action and Leeds University head to Honduras!

Football Action’s Honduras Project was based on the charity’s aim of delivering football coaching, equipment and facilities to some of the poorest and most deprived children in Central America. Volunteers from Leeds University, along with Football Action staff, worked tirelessly to fundraise for this project. Our efforts secured more than £5000 which, with the help of local Honduran charity Casa Alianza, will provide welcome support for affected children.

Casa Alianza is an international NGO which offers shelter and support to street children in an area of the world where poverty, corruption and neglect make everyday life a serious challenge. It offers something of a safe house for these children, and at the same time provides them with the hope and opportunities necessary to build a future which is free from life on the streets. £5,000 will fund the complete regeneration of a football pitch, provide sports equipment to 190 children and pay for 3 local coaches to be enrolled on a year-long FIFA coaching course.

In July, after months of careful preparation and completion of a million or so pages of health and safety assessments, Football Action leaders and 13 volunteers from Leeds University were ready! We assembled at Heathrow airport and set off to Honduras to put the money we had raised to good use – helping Casa Alianza protect and support the development of the capital’s street children. Over the next few days this blog will tell the story of our four week adventure in Honduras where we used football to inspire children and encourage education.

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