Reflections on Honduras 2012: Part 2 – Coaching at Casa Alianza

To mark the one-year anniversary of the Honduras Project, group leader and volunteer Ian Marris reflects on his experiences working for Football Action last summer.

Coaching at Casa Alianza!

Our first two weeks were spent organising football drills with an ever-changing number of children at Casa Alianza’s main base in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’ capital city. These coaching sessions were a real challenge at first: the children were restless and simply wanted to kick the footballs as hard as possible at the walls/roof/other children! Our Anglicised Spanish accents probably didn’t help to maintain their attention either!

But we knew before coming to Honduras that it was not going to be easy. Led by the Football Action coaches and supported by the ever willing volunteers from Leeds University, the children’s response gradually became more and more positive.


Our secret weapon was two sports bags full of brand new and brightly coloured footballs which we had brought from England. However we soon realised the mayhem that ensued when the ball bag was brought into the hall – within seconds there were footballs flying everywhere! It was quickly decided that we had to limit the amount of balls which could be used at any one time. By concentrating on basic footballing drills and encouraging skills such as teamwork, sharing and respect, we were able to run a fun and ordered session for children who had spent the majority of their lives without any structure.

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